Category Working Holidays & Work Exchanges

TANZANIA > Upendo Honey is looking for a keen person to come and help out at our honey processing facility in Kigoma, Tanzania.Read More >
SPAIN > I have purchased a small traditional Spanish House in a beautiful area: Almeria Province, Spain. There is little wrong with the house apart from having been empty for two years. The roof requires some patching, and inside a little plastering; then painting. Traditional methods are required to do these little jobs on the house.Read More >
MONTENEGRO > Summer Host/Hostess Needed for August/September 2017 - Invitation to travellers, adventurers, and students of tourism from around the world ... come and enjoy the adventures and challenges of life in Montenegro, apply your experiences or studies in an exciting environment.Read More >
SOUTH KOREA > We're a language cafe in Busan, South Korea and we're looking for cool people who can help us!Read More >
TONGA > We are looking for one person for August and one for September to join our team at a water sports resort in remote Tonga. We will provide accommodation and small remuneration.Read More >
NETHERLANDS > Activities will include painting, help in the kitchen, cleaning, renovating and decorating, not in order of importance. We also need creative input on how to make the optimal use of both our outside and inside space. We have a strip of forest to work with and ample space both outside an inside.Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA > We welcome travelling volunteers to help run our flourishing business. Volunteers learn various skills like making beer, cheese, roasting coffee and Beekeeping. Read More >
SPAIN > We are a family farm. We have a 100 cows, 4 mules, 1 donkey and 17 horses. We have a great house to share with you, with typical Spanish foods that's grown on our land.Read More >
SERBIA > We are in hostelling industry for almost six years. Number of tourists in Belgrade increases every year. To our volunteers during summer we offer accommodation in our hostel, unforgettable hostelling experience and to feel Belgrade.Read More >
SWEDEN > We are a rural Veterinary clinic located in Northern Sweden (Lapland). We also have a kennel of 40 Sleddogs & several horses on site. We are searching for a person/s to assist with general day to day chores, building/ground/kennel/stable maintenance, animal feeding/cleaning and some clinic assistance DOE.Read More >