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CHINA > LOVVOL have spaces for Ambassadors who are current university students to take part in programmes in and across China and Inner Mongolia. As an Ambassador, you will lead activities and cultural lessons, as well as team building, games, sports and much more. Read More >
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INDIA > Summer Volunteer India, programs you will be required to work for four to five hours. This means you have some time to spare, utilize this time effectively, and visit at least one site every day. Read More >
TANZANIA > Established in 2008, Go Make a Difference is an independent charity that helps people in the poorest regions of East Africa. It organises volunteering trips for people to take part in a variety of worthwhile community projects.Read More >
PERU > We are a flourishing community of 15 people from very different backgrounds, cultures and countries, who have chosen to live in TierraMitica permanently and embody the work that we offer, becoming every day more and more happy and empowered.Read More >
WORLDWIDE > Your active support will certainly bring more than one smile to the faces of the people in the country where you are helping. People who are committed and put their whole heart into their actions are always welcomed with open arms throughout the world.Read More >
MADAGASCAR > Our Pioneer programme offers the chance to work on a variety of projects in the field, including construction, community work, education and conservation. Camping in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of Madagascar, volunteers get an insight into development work whilst enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.Read More >
AFRICA > Making a difference in the world of those in need is the main goal in life. No matter where we come from or who we are, there are others in more need than you do! So let’s help them together and share the experiences.....Read More >
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SOUTH AMERICA ASIA > Youth International offers a unique program that combines international travel, volunteer work in local communities, homestays with families in a variety of socio-economic settings, and exciting outdoor adventures. Since 1997, Youth International has been a leader in overseas gap year programs for young adults.Read More >