Category Organic Farming

BRAZIL > Our Eco Farm situated in the beautiful mountains near Nova Friburgo offers volunteers the opportunity to learn about permaculture, bioconstruction and organic farming. But we believe that most of all you will learn about yourself. Read More >
UK > We are a not-for-profit organisation based in Devon in South West England running UK and European training projects that help people achieve their goals for nature, science, education and employment.Read More >
VIETNAM > Are you looking for a new travel style? Do you want to gain an insight into Vietnam? Do you want to experience volunteer work on organic farming abroad?Read More >
UGANDA > Also if your interested in nature we can take you to our Organic farmhouse (is solar powered) in the Eastern Uganda where you can spend sometime to learn on Rural life, help at the farm with gardening, planting vegetables, fruits and staple foods, you can also introduce your own ideas or perhaps setup a small garden for yourself, we have enough land and as well as learn how people live in the natural Africa. Read More >
THAILAND > This new community of passionate growers is looking for volunteers interested in organic farming and sustainable living. Volunteers get involved in a wide variety of jobs, from preparing compost to natural building projects.Read More >
SPAIN > Sunseed Desert Technology is set in a small , once abandoned village, in one of the driest parts of Europe, having less than 300mm of rain per year, and with temperatures ranging from –7 to 40+.Read More >
MOZAMBIQUE > Have skills in permaculture? Always dreamt of working and living in the real Africa? Want to be part of a groundbreaking initiative?Read More >
JAPAN > Water front organic farm near mountain, beautiful beaches, ancient temples, and a waterfall. Single female needs help on an animal free organic farm.Read More >
NICARAGUA > Work needed from volunteers: (specific activities they might participate in) work includes care and maintenance of orchard and vegetable beds, planting, composting, may include building (by agreement), baking, cooking. Read More >
COSTA RICA > This project is looking for volunteers to work on its organic farm (using Permaculture methods), and help care for farm animals, monkeys and other wildlife that have been rescued. The project seeks volunteers with many different skill sets.Read More >