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Category House Sitting & Caretaking

UK > My 3-bedroom terraced house in a lovely quiet village just outside Durham, UK needs a housesitter from 6 September through June 2017 (dates are flexible).Read More >
SPAIN > Animal lover needed to care for our cat, two dogs and lovely home in Limaria Spain. We are ten minutes from Albox, our nearest town, and approximately thirty minutes from the coast.Read More >
SPAIN > I live in idyllic surroundings in rural Andalusia, up in the hills, an hour from the coast with my dogs, cats and donkeys. Occasionally I have to wrench myself away from this paradise to visit friends and family usually in England, and it's then I need someone to look after my beloved retinue of animals.Read More >
SPAIN > We are looking for cat-sitters to care for our pets in Niguelas in Granada Spain. We are a retired couple with 2 cats each about 5 years old. I`m English and Elina Finnish but we have lived in Spain for many years.Read More >
WORLDWIDE > Discover new places and save money with house sitting. Every day, homeowners find the ideal person to care for their homes and pets with In return, house sitters can save money on holiday accommodation or longer term rentals by staying for free.Read More >
SPAIN > I am looking for a reliable house-sitter to care for my two small dogs, in our home. The house is near both beach and town, it is new and easy to care for. You have easy access to all amenities. Read More >
UK > We need reliable housesitters for the New Year break for 1 week to care for our 2 dogs and 1 cat, all friendly, in our character Georgian home in Worksop Nottinghamshire near Sherwood Forest. We live near the town of Worksop and there are country walks and public transport very close by. Read More >
SPAIN > Our home is built into the side of a hill and was originally dug out by hand, which is why it has rough rocky walls. It does have all necessary modern facilities now - water, electricity, satellite tv, internet, and wood burner.Read More >
UK > No pets to care for. Keep my home safe, secure and tidy. I have a small garden that just needs some lawn-care and basic plant watering. Prefer single person or couple.Read More >
FRANCE > We keep horses and rescue dogs in Normandy, 20 minutes from the coast. We love living in this part of France with its gentle climate, lush landscape and wonderful way of life. We have been living here for a few years and we raise horses and rescue dogs on our land.Read More >