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BELIZE > Hello, I'm English and I have an island here, 7 miles off the coast of Belize, near a place called Hopkins. I'm keen to have people come over and look after the place, to ensure I can get away from time to time.Read More >
UK > The Eilean Bàn Trust, based at Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye, is a small independent charity dedicated to maintaining and managing Eilean Bàn, the island under the Skye Bridge where the author Gavin Maxwell lived.Read More >
FRANCE > Hi I am Max. I am a two year old Jack Russell mix. I need someone to take care of me and Sharon and Mel’s apartment from 12 January to 5 May. Sharon & Mel aren’t leaving until the 14 January, but would like you to come two days early so they can show you around the area. Read More >
FRANCE > Gite guardians required for Dordogne area. 3 gites. for changeovers, garden maintenance, pool maintenance general day to repairs. Read More >
CANADA > I live in a 3 bedroom condo with small garden 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver at the base of Mount Seymour overlooking the Burrard inlet. Tusker, the wirehair miniature dachshund would rather sleep than walk. Read More >
FRANCE > I am a retired British lady who has lived in France for 14 years. There are several other British expats in the area. I live 3 km from the town centre, so transport would be a requirement as I cannot leave my own car for use by a house-sitter.Read More >
USA > We are a couple looking for a house and pet sitter for our two dogs, and lakefront home during times we are away this spring and summer.Read More >
COSTA RICA > I live in a rural village in the mountains of Costa Rica. I like traveling - but - I have a dog that needs some companionship.Read More >
ARGENTINA > We are a British family living just outside Salta in the foothills of the Andes in NW Argentina. We are travelling to the UK for a month, and are looking for a person or couple to look after our house and dog. Read More >
WORLDWIDE > Discover new places and save money with house sitting. Every day, homeowners find the ideal person to care for their homes and pets with In return, house sitters can save money on holiday accommodation or longer term rentals by staying for free.Read More >