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NEPAL TANZANIA COSTA RICA > Raleigh Expedition brings young people together from all over the world to impact change for the communities you will work with, environmental change, and change in yourself.Read More >
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JAPAN > Peace Boat's Global English/Espanol Training Program (GET) is now seeking dynamic and highly motivated volunteers to join its 99th Global Voyage!Read More >
WORLDWIDE > Peace Boat is now seeking dynamic and highly motivated English and Spanish language teachers, Japanese/English/Korean/Spanish/Chinese interpreters, and a writer/photographer to join its 98th Global Voyage! Read More >
INDONESIA > We are currently seeking volunteer researchers for our liveaboard Komodo Expeditions 2018. We have 2 expeditions departing from Labuan Bajo (Komodo, Flores) and from Gili Islands, Lombok. This is an 11-day liveaboard expedition surveying the Komodo National Park, Northern Sumbawa, and Lombok.Read More >
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OMAN > An epic journey into some of the wildest parts of Arabia. This exciting adventure will give you the chance to explore multiple terrains. Trek across the Empty Quarter and encounter the relatively unexplored Arabian Peninsula in all its fascinating forms.Read More >
PERU > A unique opportunity to experience first-hand the mind blowing biodiversity, hidden valleys, jungle mountains and cloud forest of the Amazon.Read More >
INDIA > With altitudes reaching over 7500m, Ladakh’s landscape is one of extremes, nestled between the world’s mightiest mountain ranges. This is a truly spectacular place.Read More >