Category Nature & Conservation

INDONESIA > Orangutan Foundation International has volunteer opportunities available for active individuals who are willing to get their hands dirty and help save one of the earth's most bio-diverse island in the world!Read More >
THAILAND > Do you have the energy and motivation to be up at 6am to let the older leopards out on safari? Are you able to handle the smell of cat poo at 6:30am? Can you cut animal carcasses into tiny pieces just before your lunch break? You could have what it takes!Read More >
ICELAND > We are looking for volunteers to join us for 6-week placements in Thórsmörk, south Iceland next summer. Read More >
COSTA RICA > This program is looking for international volunteers to assist staff in carrying out biological assessments (fish, benthic macro-invertebrates and habitats), including in-stream visual surveys with mask and snorkel. Volunteers are required from February to May, 2020, but longer stays are possible.Read More >
TANZANIA > Kitu Kiblu offers internship programs for those interested in whale shark conservation or seeking training and experience in marine conservation and tourism. This program is a unique opportunity to interact with whale sharks on a daily basis.Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA > As a volunteer at this exciting project in South Africa you will gain hands-on experience in working with animals and learn about African endangered wildlife, while ensuring the survival of cheetahs in the wild for generations to come.Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA > This project will allow you to gain crucial knowledge and experience on great white sharks due to the lectures and practical experience she will be exposed to. The project is primarily focused on the project’s cage diving ecotourism and participants will enjoy regular trips to sea to view and cage dive with the Great Whites.Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA > Kevin Richardson is a world-renowned lion behaviourist and conservationist that offers participants to the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary program a minimum 7 night stay, in which volunteers will learn and get involved in the daily running and operations of the sanctuary.Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA > You will gain hands-on experience with small animals, farm animals, and wildlife. The goal of the program is to provide veterinary care to animals that would otherwise have none, as well as to provide students with hands-on field experience. Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA > This primate wildlife rehabilitation centre in South Africa needs your help. While at the centre you will be learning new skills and gaining hands-on experience, at the same time meeting new people and sinking your teeth into a totally new way of life. Read More >