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PERU > Volunteer Leaders are positioned between volunteers and Coordinators, meaning they are responsible for the day-to-day coordination of volunteers while reporting to the Volunteer Manager. Read More >
PERU > We are currently seeking an English and Library Coordinator to join our team in Trujillo, Peru. SKIP is an after school program for primary and secondary students in an impoverished area of Peru where we have a holistic approach to support the whole family.Read More >
GREECE > CESRT (Chios Eastern Shore Response Team) is a group of international volunteers from many different countries working to support the refugee community on the Greek island of Chios. In addition to its other contributions, CESRT provides a centre for the teaching of English (and other languages) to adult refugees living in the nearby the camp of Vial.Read More >
MEXICO > Ninth Wave Global are looking to expand our interdisciplinary team based in Mexico, with a view to delivering and extending the reach of our existing community, social and environmental programmes on both a local and international scale.Read More >
PERU > Our organization is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization That Works with the most vulnerable habitants of the Peruvian Andes, and that runs various volunteer projects. We are in need of volunteers who help us on the work of coordination within the organization.Read More >
PERU > We are a small local non-profit organization legally established that works since 2009 directly with populations living in extreme poverty and subject to economic and cultural exclusion, in the central Peruvian Andes, we develop our social work in a fairly direct way, we have several projects related to human rights, health, gender equity, educational support for children at risk, ecology, empowerment of women and improvement of the living conditions of Quechua immigrants and their families.Read More >
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PERU > Your principal responsibilities will be to obtain volunteers and make international connections.Read More >
WORLDWIDE > Lead a team of volunteers overseas for anything from two weeks to six months and come home with the skills you need to land your next job. Read More >