Category Admin & Coordination

MYANMAR > Volunteers with experience in inclusive education, teacher training, continuing professional development (CPD) and/or policy development are urgently required.Read More >
LEBANON > You will be in charge of a white wine winery. A qualified team on site will be supporting you. You will take part in the various stages of wine making and will report directly to the winemaker on the work in progress. Read More >
INDIA NEPAL THAILAND > Immediate position available! The program dates are February 27 to May 28, 2019.Read More >
SPAIN > Our International Youth Volunteering Programme (IYVP) offers young people (aged 18-30) residing in the UK the chance to volunteer overseas in another European country for eight to twelve months.Read More >
CAMBODIA > WWT Cambodia is looking to facilitate an opportunity for a volunteer to support the Anlung Pring Sarus Crane Conservation and Development Community in the operation and coordination of the tourism site, including includes 9 homestays, 1 wildlife tour and 6 cultural tour products as the site enters its tourism season Read More >
SPAIN > Become a team member of a non-formal education centre for the transition towards sustainability in sunny Andalucia! Drylands Coordinator's role is to provide environmental education, conservation and regeneration of local vegetation through sustainable methods.Read More >
PERU > As a Microfinance volunteer you will help administer the loan program granting and supervising small loans for home construction projects, businesses, and health emergencies. Read More >
MALAWI > Clean & Proud are looking for a passionate individual who cares about tackling plastic pollution. This non-profit business was set up to stamp on the issue of plastic pollution, which has begun at our first workshop in Mzuzu. Read More >
PERU > SKIP is currently seeking a Psychology Coordinator to lead our psychology programs with our children and families The Psychology Department is an integral part of SKIP holistic approach and works to increase the social and emotional well-being of all families in SKIP. Read More >
PERU > SKIP is super excited about this 2 year old project to run a skatepark which was built in a school by a fantastic partner organisation who handed over the long term running of the park to us. We provide skateboarding lessons to children in mornings and afternoons, during their sports classes. Read More >