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UK > Timespan and River Cafe are staffed by a small friendly team so if you are good with people and can make a mean apple crumble, then you’re just who we’re looking for!Read More >
EXPIREDRead More >
FALKLAND ISLANDS > Darwin House is a 6 bedroom guest house located on a private estate, which is in a remote part of the Falklands Islands. The lodge is totally self-sufficient has its own water and electrical supply, it also grows seasonable vegetables and salads. Read More >
AUSTRIA > We are a small awarded bed & breakfast with winery near Vienna delivering great service and friendly atmosphere to both our guests and employees.Read More >
GREECE > Vacancy become available for a Chef at our award winning little Small & Friendly Complex near the beautiful turtle beach of Kalamaki, on the popular island of Zakynthos.Read More >
GREECE > If you are interested in having a great summer spent on the beautiful island of Naxos, if you are reliable & hardworking & highly motivated and you want to be part of the Naxos On The Rocks Bar Team - send your application to us.Read More >
UK > Are you living in London, saving for a gap year, or just arrived and looking for exciting, flexible work? High Society is here for you! We are a staffing agency that provides part-time bar and waiting staff for fantastic events in London. Read More >
UK > At The Celtic Royal Hotel we are looking for dedicated staff, which means this could be the start of an exciting journey. We are constantly looking for the leaders of tomorrow.Read More >
FRANCE > Fancy a change of scene? Come spend the summer in the French Alps with us!Read More >
WORLDWIDE > Travel For Teens is looking for qualified candidates to be Trip Directors and Counselors on programs throughout six regions (Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, Asia, and Africa). Read More >