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ITALY > Lovely couple with twins aged 9 months when placement commences are looking for a Qualified Nanny for child care duties. Twins will be attending day nursery full-time. Other help employed.Read More >
ITALY > Temp Mother's Help for two school aged children aged 12 & 8. Both parents are professionals and a housekeeper is employed for all the housework. Private accommodation and use of car is provided. Read More >
ITALY > Short term position. Au-pair in Cagliari, Italy for 18 year old boy for English conversation. Both parents have their own business. They live in a penthouse in the city centre, near public transport. Other staff employed.Read More >
ITALY > Nanny needed for lovely Tommaso aged 1 month. Dad is a manager, mum is an Osteopath. Other help kept. The family are looking for a cheerful, well mannered nanny who can drive, is a non-smoker with child care experience and an excellent command of English.Read More >
ITALY > Family living 45 mins from Venice are looking for a Qualified Nanny for Gs 2 & 3 months. Older child goes go day nursery full-time. Mum will be returning to work in April and works as a secretary. Dad has his own business.Read More >
ITALY > Two kids aged 10 & 12. Mum is a widow and the family speak English. Other staff employed. Private separate accommodation provided. Use of car and internet. Read More >
ITALY > Dad has his own business, mum is a nurse. The family are looking for an English Mother Tongue candidate who can drive, swim, is a non-smoker, with experience and who can speak a little Italian.Read More >
ITALY > Dad is a doctor, mum is an archaeologist. A great position to explore Rome and pursue other interests as there is plenty of free time. Discover the Dolce Vita in the Eternal City! Read More >
MYANMAR > We are a New Zealand family working and living in Mandalay Myanmar. It's a great exciting safe place to live with the most welcoming and kind people you will meet anywhere.Read More >
BAHRAIN > Early Years Practitioner required immediately in Kingdom of Bahrain. Must have experience in an Early Years setting.Read More >