WORLDWIDE > All programs begin with 3 or 4 weeks intensive face-to-face TEFL training in the host country.Read More >
ARGENTINA > We are a family owned horse business located in the Argentinian Pampas, just 1 hour away from Buenos Aires. We welcome you as a volunteer in Argentina with us. Read More >
BRAZIL > Teach English in Brazil for 4 months. Immerse yourself fully in Brazilian culture, discover musical talents and experience one of the most welcoming nations in South America. Grab your inner Carnival and let’s go teach English in Brazil. Read More >
PERU > The head Physical Educations Teacher at SKIP is called our Sports Leader. Under the supervision of the Education Coordinator, the Sports Leader will lead sports classes three afternoons a week for the primary classes (three classes a day) and a Saturday afternoon for the secondary classes.Read More >
PERU > As a Microfinance volunteer you will help administer the loan program granting and supervising small loans for home construction projects, businesses, and health emergencies. Read More >
CHILE > Terrace Lodge & Tours is a very small family business, run by an Italian couple. We sell accommodation and excursions in Putre, Region of "Arica y Parinacota", Chile. Read More >
PERU > SKIP has a holiday club in January and February each year when the students are out on their summer break from school. Each year we continue to support the students in Math and Communication while also doing fun new workshops such as theater, journalism, and sports. Read More >
PERU > SKIP is currently seeking a Psychology Coordinator to lead our psychology programs with our children and families The Psychology Department is an integral part of SKIP holistic approach and works to increase the social and emotional well-being of all families in SKIP. Read More >
ARGENTINA > The position is ideal for a person interested in working with grassroots organizations. Volunteer will participate in the planning, the development and strategic marketing analysis and promotion of the volunteer programs. Read More >
ARGENTINA > This project is an affordable school for the children of the town whose parents belong to the working class. Children have access to language education.Read More >