ARGENTINA > The kindergarten does more than provide food for the children, as the teachers aim to educate both children and their parents. This community in particular needs the support mainly for the children, and this kindergarten provides that opportunity since it is difficult to find it elsewhere.Read More >
ARGENTINA > Why is this project important for the community? Although there are no professional teachers, the volunteer teachers provide a rich and cultured education. Read More >
COLOMBIA > We offer free stay and meals for volunteers who want to work with us and learn Spanish, travel around the area and enjoy their vacations.Read More >
CHILE > Are you interested in volunteering to teach English in Chile? Please consider the English Opens Doors Program. Participation is FREE and placements are available throughout Chile.Read More >
PERU > We need volunteers who have experience with animals, knowledge with the care of dogs, help in gardening, experience with children, carpentry and art projects.Read More >
WORLDWIDE > We are looking for adventurous, experienced, creative writers to help us produce content for our multilingual communication platforms in order to help inspire potential volunteers to join one of our projects. Read More >
PARAGUAY > We are looking for volunteer teachers for our successful English course. The work is important, because the low level of English in Paraguay is one of the reasons impeding its economic growth.Read More >
ARGENTINA > Voluntario Global was founded in 2006 and works with local organizations from Buenos Aires to strengthen local development and create change. They help these organizations by providing volunteers, donations, ideas and support.Read More >
BRAZIL > For travelers in Florianópolis, Brazil: travel startup is looking for 3 persons to work on a 3-month project. We look for travelers who can help us on social media, content creation and sales. English is our work language, and Spanish is a plus. Allowance is included, to be negotiated according to experience.Read More >
PERU > We invite you to participate and develop your professional skills in a project aimed at providing support, encouragement, educational and emotional assistance to children who live at risk.Read More >