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Category Scandinavia

WORLDWIDE > With 2017 fast approaching, make now the perfect time to start planning next year’s travel adventures.Read More >
ICELAND > Our teams include volunteers who join the programme for 2-week or 6-week placements. No previous experience of trail construction work is necessary as practical training will be provided.Read More >
WORLDWIDE > These home and pet owners are already talking to sitters. Don’t miss out!Read More >
WORLDWIDE > These home and pet owners are already talking to sitters. Don’t miss out!Read More >
NETHERLANDS ICELAND UK > CEPA Europe, specializing in study abroad programs for American student groups in Europe, so called “faculty-led programs”, is looking for enthusiastic Coordinators for American student groups in Amsterdam, Reykjavik or Belfast.Read More >
FINLAND > We are running a little bed and breakfast in Northern Finland, Inari. We would need help with making breakfast, cleaning, helping with tourists and cooking. Also help with computers would be great.Read More >
SWEDEN > We are a rural Veterinary clinic located in Northern Sweden (Lapland). We also have a kennel of 40 sleddogs & several horses on site.Read More >
SWEDEN > Ground worker/ machinist needed to a small family business in Sweden 2 hours south of Stockholm.Read More >
SWEDEN > PolarQuest is seeking a full time assistant Guide and/or dog handlers for our Arctic training activities based in Lappland. We are seeking an individual/s who has either worked with sleddogs in the past in a professional capacity and/or who has significant Arctic travel and outdoor leadership skills.Read More >
SWEDEN > PolarQuest is a Sleddog kennel of 40 Alaskan Huskies based in Northern Sweden, Lappland. Our main kennel is located next to our busy rural Veterinary clinic where we also have horses and other animals.Read More >