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ITALY > Join us for a free stay at one of our stunning locations in Italy and experience Italian culture, delicious cuisine and conversations with Italian learners!Read More >
ITALY > Summer Mother's Help position for family with twins aged 8. Dad is manager, mum is a publicist. Other staff employed. English spoken. Private accommodation.Read More >
ITALY > We are looking for a kindhearted independent and active female to be our Au Pair for the up and coming 2019/20 Ski seasonRead More >
ITALY > You will prepare your students to take Cambridge Exams that provides an end goal, structure to lessons, and the books are more tightly focused in terms of what needs to be done for each exam. Your role will include teaching a range of ages (3+), through to teenagers and sometimes adults.Read More >
ITALY > Single parent family with 5 month old baby looking for a Qualified Nanny with experience who can cook. 6 month contract. Read More >
ITALY > Family are looking for an English Mother Tongue candidate who can swim, with experience and available for 1 year.Read More >
ITALY > Single professional without children is looking for a candidate to learn English and speak English to him. Location is central Rome a few minutes from the underground. Read More >
ITALY > Mother's Help for 2 kids aged 7 & 9 Both parents have their own business. Other staff employed. Use of car. Private accommodation. Read More >
ITALY > Summer au-pair for 1 child aged 14. Dad is a priest, mum works in HR. Private accommodation. Use of car and internet. 3 month placement. Read More >
ITALY > Family require a candidate with experience, a non-smoker, willing to do housework, who can cook and is English Mother Tongue and can speak some French.Read More >