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EUROPE > Czech Rep, Malta, Poland, Hungary, Ireland. Volunteer abroad as a Mentor for Language Learners and have your board and lodging in beautiful hotels covered. Visit Malta, Prague, Budapest, Dublin, Krakow and many more destinations.Read More >
SLOVAKIA > English Teacher required: Starting salary 550 Eur (net salary) plus performance bonuses. Free accommodation.Read More >
CZECH REPUBLIC > A leading language school in Prague, Czech Republic is currently offering teaching positions for native as well as non-native speakers. Our in-company and young learners’ courses take place in various locations around Prague.Read More >
ALBANIA > We are looking for an experienced chef for our Merluc Taverna in Himara Albania. We have our own fisherboat and fresh seafood everyday. The tavern has 8-12 Tables and the team is small and familiar.Read More >
CZECH REPUBLIC > Stop by and volunteer in beautiful Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe. We invite you to our first program in the Czech Republic. We educates students in English in cooperation with volunteers. Read More >
ALBANIA > We are a small restaurant close to the beach in Himara Albania. We are a family running business. The owner is Swiss and her husband an Albanian fisherman who deliver fresh fish and seafood every day, are looking for a cook who has experience with seafood and management. Read More >
UKRAINE > We are happy to announce a new call for volunteers from all over the world to take part in GoCamp 2019!Read More >
SLOVAKIA > As Private Bilingual High School BESST continues to flourish and grow we are looking to recruit an outstanding teacher of Biology,Read More >
POLAND > Come to in August 2018 and spend six days in the beautiful Polish countryside. The Junior&Youth Program is held in a nice sport hotel situated on the lake (west of Poland) in a sport hotel, on August 26th-31st, 2018. All accommodation and meals are provided in exchange for English conversation! Read More >
HUNGARY > LT&D is seeking applications from recently completed CELTA or Cert TESOL trainees for its very popular programme, supported through Erasmus Plus.Read More >