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CROATIA > The Monkey Troop is now recruiting for 2017. We are looking for outgoing, fun volunteers who are interested in helping us in Zadar, Croatia for our 2017 season.Read More >
CZECH REPUBLIC > Are you thinking of getting into teaching English? Teaching English abroad is one of the easiest ways to experience the life and culture of a foreign country.Read More >
POLAND > Do you want to stay in a beautiful resort for free while helping talented youth in developing their English speaking skills? Welcome to Angloville.Read More >
HUNGARY > Hills Academy is looking for English speaking teaching staff to work as classroom teachers and/or assistants.Read More >
GERMANY MACEDONIA > ProCredit Language Centre is a division of ProCredit Academy, which provides training for bank staff. Our language centres in Fürth im Odenwald and in Veles Macedonia offer residential courses throughout the year for staff from Eastern Europe and Latin America. We are currently recruiting two enthusiastic English Language Assistants to join our dynamic team.Read More >
WORLDWIDE > These home and pet owners are already talking to sitters. Don’t miss out!Read More >
ESTONIA > We’re a relatively new hostel (technically two hostels but all in the same building) in Tallinn, Estonia, having only opened for business a few months ago. At the moment we are also a bit short staffed.Read More >
EUROPE > We have a new requirement for telephone interpreters based in Poland, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Czech republic, Slovakia, Turkey. You must be based in the country and be able to speak both English and the language of that country. Read More >
BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA > In exchange for a few hours help, we offer free food and accommodation, free language classes, taking part in sightseeing tours, excursions, hiking/rafting/swimming trips, pub crawls, BBQ & pool parties, glorious sunshine and an opportunity to acquire super useful skills.Read More >
CROATIA > Work for accommodation for July and August in our 150 beds hostel in Zagreb, Croatia!Read More >