COSTA RICA > This project protects sea turtle nests from poaching and depredation by conducting night patrols and relocating nests to the project hatcheries. Read More >
DOMINICA > Greetings, we own a bush bar with a beautiful flower garden up the Indian River in the island of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic). We are seeking help in the bartending, help in the kitchen and also assistance in the garden. Read More >
BERMUDA > Candidates must posses a minimum of three years of experience working in the floristry industry and a recognized Floral Diploma as per immigration requirements.Read More >
COSTA RICA > This program is looking for international volunteers to assist staff in carrying out biological assessments (fish, benthic macro-invertebrates and habitats), including in-stream visual surveys with mask and snorkel. Volunteers are required from February to May, 2020, but longer stays are possible.Read More >
PANAMA > We are looking for a full time assistant in Panama. Foreigners are welcome to apply. Great job for the right person with lots of room for growth. Very dynamic position with flexible hours.Read More >
COSTA RICA > We are looking for volunteers that are willing to work 5 days , 6 hours each (Saturday and Sunday off), a total of 30 hours per week.Read More >
WORLDWIDE > We are looking for adventurous, experienced, creative writers to help us produce content for our multilingual communication platforms in order to help inspire potential volunteers to join one of our projects. Read More >
MEXICO > You will be part of a small fun and friendly team. Helping the dive and tour centers to run smoothly starting with professional meeting and greeting of our customers and Hostel guests.Read More >
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS > Boutique Manager is responsible for purchasing and vendor communication, stock control and merchandising, staff supervision and customer service.Read More >
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS > Good Moon Farm in the British Virgin Islands is looking for a farm management couple or individual. Read More >