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HONG KONG > Female Native English Teachers needed in Hong Kong. Immediate Openings American English Workshop is seeking qualified Native English Teachers (NET) to work in Hong Kong. Positions are immediately available. Read More >
TAIWAN > Starts from NT$ 68,000/month (Bachelors),NT$ 69,000/month (Masters).Read More >
CHINA > Are you ready for a new and exciting opportunity? Work in a fun and energetic environment as an English teacher in the leading learning centres in Hong Kong, Macau or China.Read More >
CHINA > China Internship Placements LLC have a number of internships in China.Read More >
CHINA > To provide the best possible teaching and learning processes and environment for the studentsRead More >
CHINA > ESL Starter is pleased to bring you news that EF English First is offering a new teaching package. Not only that, but there are still some free flights available for teachers who join Kids & Teens schools in many destinations around China!Read More >
TAIWAN > Participating schools in this project are located in city proper, some in middle town, and a few in countryside.Read More >
TAIWAN > This company is a leading international provider of cosmetic and beauty packaging with five offices around the world. Their global presence, proactive mix of technical know how and proximity to factories in Asia, has kept them at the forefront of the cosmetic packaging industry for more than 25 years.Read More >
TAIWAN > This is a public relations company specializing in the fashion, beauty, automotive, alcohol and spirits industries. They have many high-end international clients and primarily deal with the luxury segment of the market. Read More >
TAIWAN > This company is a Dutch yoga apparel brand which a major textile producer has recently purchased in order to bring the brand to Asia starting with Taiwan. This producer also supplies the apparel for Adidas in Asia.Read More >