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UGANDA > We are called Friends of TASAAGA and we are running a number of projects in Uganda. We are currently looking for volunteers who can coach soccer or football to our students between the age of 13 and 16 years old. Our volunteer Jobs are free and we provide free accommodation plus meals.Read More >
UGANDA > Join us in Uganda as we work toward sustainable change and empowerment among people in local communities. Under the volunteer cooperation initiative of SAF-Teso, we invite individuals from all over the world to participate in our projects and programs.Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA UK > The Wildlife For All Trust is looking for young adults who want to use their lives to make a real difference.Read More >
NEPAL TANZANIA COSTA RICA > Raleigh Expedition brings young people together from all over the world to impact change for the communities you will work with, environmental change, and change in yourself.Read More >
EGYPT > Chance of Travel is looking for German speaking individuals who enjoy talking to individuals on their holiday. We are a snorkeling and scuba diving center located directly on the harbor in Port Ghalib. Read More >
MADAGASCAR > Madagascar is a truly unique African island paradise with an unparalleled amount of endemic animal species and a friendly, welcoming populace. As a Frontier volunteer in Madagascar, you will be living on a fun, vibrant beach camp in a picturesque location.Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA > Brilliant work experience opportunity at nature reserve in South Africa.Read More >
EXPIREDRead More >
MALAWI > Clean & Proud are looking for a passionate individual who cares about tackling plastic pollution. This non-profit business was set up to stamp on the issue of plastic pollution, which has begun at our first workshop in Mzuzu. Read More >
SOUTH AFRICA > The project consists of several programs all run and supervised by the Izizwe Volunteer Coordinators, who are all volunteers themselves and live in Walmer Township. The diversity of possibilities creates an opportunity for volunteers to suggest preferences, for age groups and specific personal interest to be involved in.Read More >