Artists of any kind wanted in Kratie, Cambodia

CAMBODIA / Noahs Ark Wildlife Coalition Inc

We are working on a small poor and primitive island on the Mekong river in Kratie, Cambodia. There is little to no English spoken on the island, nearest small town 15km away. It’s either starving or turning the island into a tourist attraction. We need someone to help design, work on, and add value any way they can to building a “mini Cambodia”….24 Provinces, each province room size. Help build, help construct clay figures, paint murals or just teach local children to have fun with art. Anyone welcome. No pay but basic food and shelter and transport to town when needed is supplied. Main aim is a fun experience and to make it the best darn tourist trip they have ever been on. Musician…..teach the kids to have fun with music…they have been through tough times.


And if this project doesn’t interest you, look for our Flying Fox education centre on the same island. A travel guide would also be cool to have….omg, so much to do and so few volunteers. Come and join in.

Nationalities Accepted: no restriction but must speak at least some English

Expires: Oct 1, 2018


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