Microfinance program with low-income families in Peru

PERU / SKIP- Supporting Kids in Peru

The Economic Development (EcoDev) Program at SKIP works with families living in poverty to offer financial opportunities to stabilise their income and improve living conditions. The department helps SKIP families create sustainable sources of income and provides them with opportunities to develop their artisanal and business skills to pursue their goals.

As a Microfinance volunteer you will help administer the loan program granting and supervising small loans for home construction projects, businesses, and health emergencies.

You will work with the Economic Development Coordinator and other EcoDev volunteers to follow up on the loans and think of other creative ways to support the families.

We accept volunteers for a minimum of one month and have some leadership positions available for those who are interested in coming for long term positions.

If you are ready to take the next step – download an application form on the website (https://skipperu.org/application-process/)
Feel free to email volunteering@skipperu.org with any questions.

Expires: Jan 31, 2019


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